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Certificate IV in Information Technology

Build the skills you need to develop in your IT career and take on responsibilities in technical assistance or web administration. Whether game creation, networking, programming, or databases are your areas of interest, you’ll learn the specialised skills you need to be successful.


Are you passionate about technology and looking to build a strong foundation in IT? The ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology at the Australian Institute of Business and Technical Education (AIBTE) offers an exceptional pathway to kick-start your career in this dynamic field. Located in the heart of Australia-Adelaide, AIBTE combines world-class education with practical, hands-on learning. Our expert instructors, who are seasoned professionals in the tech industry, provide personalized guidance and support to ensure that you not only learn but excel in every aspect of information technology.

Start an educational adventure that connects academic IT concepts with tangible, industry-relevant skills perfectly aligned with the dynamic needs of the technology sector.

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Certificate IV in Information Technology

The ICT40120 – Certificate IV in IT at AIBTE, a renowned VET College in Australia, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of key IT concepts and practices. From network security to software development, this course covers a broad range of subjects, making it ideal for those looking to establish a career in information technology. Students will gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in critical IT areas, including cybersecurity and programming. The course covers a wide array of core and elective units, like applying introductory programming techniques, identifying and resolving client ICT problems, and contributing to cybersecurity risk management.

Furthermore, this course serves as an excellent foundation for those looking to enter the website creation profession. It prepares students for various career paths in IT, such as computer technician or help desk officer roles. The course structure is designed to foster soft skills development in IT while providing technical training in network security, website design, and content creation.

Key Features

  • Hands-on IT training

    Gain practical experience in modern IT solutions.

  • Career Opportunities

    Open doors to roles in network administration, cybersecurity, and more.

  • Experienced Faculty

    Learn from industry experts and seasoned professionals

  • Location Advantage

    Study in Australia's vibrant tech hub, leveraging local industry connections.

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Here are the following 7 core units plus 13 elective units to attain the certificate:

Unit Names Description Elective/Core
Install, configure, and test internet protocol networks
Develop personal work priorities
Install and configure virtual machines
Install, configure, and test network security.
Install and manage servers.
Install and configure client-server applications and services
Install hardware to networks.
Fault find and troubleshoot ICT equipment, hardware and software problems
Install, configure, and test a router
Install, configure, and test a router
Develop cyber security incidents
Determine and confirm client business requirements
Identify and confirm cyber security incidents
Apply introductory programming techniques
Identify and resolve client ICT problems
Apply advanced critical thinking to work processes
Contribute to cyber security risk management
Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and practices
Work collaboratively in the ICT industry.
Comply with IP, ethics, and privacy policies in ICT environments


Celebrate your previous achievements and fast-track your learning with AIBTE's Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program, where your existing skills and experience are recognized, helping you advance swiftly toward your educational aspirations. If you further enrol in the Diploma of Information Technology program, the RPL facility will help you transfer your credits into the Diploma of Information Technology program as well.

What You Will Learn After The Course?

This certification effectively develops your soft skills in IT while giving you technical and hands-on practice with programming fundamentals, network security, website design, and content creation. It is ideal for IT professionals currently employed or newcomers to the field who are weighing their options.

The online course material will teach you how to

  • Develop your capacity for critical thought.
  • Learn how to create dynamic, effective websites.
  • learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity
  • Recognize standard ICT procedures.
  • Provide customers or clients with quality support.

You may also acquire the following personal qualities along the way:

  • Teamwork and effective communication.
  • Developing the mindset of a "lifelong learner."
  • Analyse issues and find solutions.

Career Opportunities after Cert IV in Information Technology:

  • Network Support Technician
  • IT Support Analyst
  • Junior Systems Administrator
  • Help Desk Officer

Maximizing Career Trajectories: From Foundational Skills to Advanced Opportunities

  • Foundational Earning Potential: Certificate IV graduates enter the IT field with salaries reflecting foundational skills and knowledge.
  • Broad Career Entry Points: Skills acquired enable entry into various IT roles, setting the stage for salary growth.
  • Skill-Based Advancement: As skills improve, opportunities for salary increases and advanced roles become available.
  • Pathway to Higher Qualifications: Progressing to a Diploma with potential RPL credit can elevate career trajectories and earning capacity.
  • Access to Diverse Markets: The certification is recognized, paving the way for both local and international employment opportunities with solid starting salaries.

Why Choose AIBTE?

Ready to start your journey in information technology? Enroll in the ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology at AIBTE. Visit our website or contact our admissions team for more information.

Cutting-edge curriculum

Stay ahead with our industry-aligned programs

Global Recognition

Earn a qualification that is respected worldwide

Student Support Services

Benefit from our comprehensive support and guidance

Admissions and Enrolment

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless transition into your dream program.

Accommodation Assistance

Discover comfortable living options with our dedicated housing support.

Placement Assistance

Achieve your career goals with our expert placement guidance.


The ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology at AIBTE is more than just a course; it’s your gateway to a thriving career in the tech industry. With a curriculum designed to meet industry demands, you’ll gain hands-on experience, industry insights, and practical expertise that sets you apart in the competitive tech landscape. Our dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that you receive top-notch education and support throughout your journey. Prepare to step into the world of IT confidently, armed with a recognized qualification that opens doors to exciting career opportunities. With our expertise, location, and commitment to excellence, AIBTE is the perfect place to start your IT journey.

Throughout this course, you will develop transferable skills crucial to the industry. Problem-solving abilities, efficient communication, database upkeep, game development, networking, programming, systems administration support, and web development are just a few of the skills.

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